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"A painting is music you can see and music is a painting you can hear." – Miles Davis

One of Vancouver Island's premiere emerging realism landscape oil painters, Felice Mazzoni lives in Victoria, British Columbia and has spent his entire life on Vancouver Island. Select works can be purchased directly from the artist, or from galleries of representation. Selling pieces locally as well as internationally to buyers and collectors from New York to San Francisco.

Felice Mazzoni
Felice Mazzoni

Continuously creating new pieces, so please do not hesitate to reach out to make an appointment for a virtual studio tour and have a virtual glass of wine with me while you look at my paintings! Love connecting with folks. Landscape commissions are also welcome.

About The Artist

Felice MazzoniWestcoast beaches, sunsets, ocean and forest landscapes are all brought to life through Felice’s use of intricate detail and manipulation of light. With contrasting and harmonious colors and bold compositions, including monochromatic works, Felice captures the essence and feeling of the west coast in every painting.His award-winning sustainable planning initiatives have been locally, nationally and internationally recognized, however, as an emerging artist, his inspiration to start painting came from his love for Van Gogh, being attracted to the whimsical and colourful nature of the French countryside.Felice would often cycle through multiple paintings at a time from his small dining room table in his home, late at night, moving from rainforest to Pacific Ocean and was quickly self-taught about all things oil. Tofino-born and Ucluelet-raised, Felice gravitated towards west coast landscapes having grown up and later working in Ucluelet. His love for the west coast is transferred from brush to canvas and the emotions Felice still has for his hometown are invoked through his work. Felice’s home and heart will always be in Ucluelet. By mixing colors, layering, and intricate detail, his oil paintings have often been mistaken for photographs.Felice is currently exclusively represented on the coast through the Tofino Gallery of Contemporary Art in Tofino and the Village Gallery in Sidney BC.

Featured Article

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Felice Mazzoni

Felice Mazzoni


Please contact me personally if you are interested in purchasing any of my work or would like to arrange for a virtual tour to see how and where the pieces are created. Pieces associated with galleries are exclusively for sale through their websites or in person.Feel free to make an appointment for a virtual studio tour. Now accepting new commissions upon request.

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Felice Mazzoni